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A program for building stable silent installation packages
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Sometimes you just get mad with all the little steps and details, restrictions and warnings, selections and all the other hoops you have to jump through to install a program. And what if there are two, three, or ten programs you need to install in a row? A nightmare, for sure. But there is a solution: running an uninterrupted or silent install, which is easy and quick. But it's not available just by snapping your fingers. Programs like Silent Install Builder are made to make it work.

Silent Install Builder is a system program which lets its users easily install multiple programs without additional work. With it, setup packages are created containing installers for multiple applications available to the user. If a user runs the package, all the programs included in it will be installed automatically without any further actions or influence of the user. Installation is running uninterrupted as a background process.

This kind of operation can be useful, but I'm not really tech-savvy enough to be an expert. All I know is that sometimes you just need to do it. But I found it troublesome to set up a silent install of my programs, because different types of installers are controlled differently. Fortunately, Silent Install Builder allows for easy identification and option adjustment. It scans the installers and automatically identifies the types according to its database. The program is compatible with InstallShield, Nullsoft and MSI, as I have found out. To me, that's good enough, but the official descriptions list additional formats.

I'm not really proficient in script-building, too, but Silent Install Builder lets you write one. It's called the Automation script and is used for installing the programs that do not support the command line. This gives a user even more control of their system and their software. Approach like this is really admirable for a relatively specialized application.

All in all, there's not much left to say about Silent Install Builder. it's a good program that does its job right: it provides the option of comfortable and stable silent install for various kinds of programs. It won't be of much use for causal PC users, but for a more advanced crowd, this thing is gold. It makes jobs easier, but is also good for computer-centered hobbies. The interface is simple enough, since there aren't many icons and buttons to press anyway. There are comments and descriptions for every menu, navigation is intuitive, and comfort is casual-level good. It's a functional and well-built piece of software.

James Lynch
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