Silent Install Builder

Silent Install Builder 4.5

It helps you install multiple programs on a computer with just one click

Silent Install Builder provides system administrators and IT professionals with a very helpful functionality: the chance to install multiple programs on a computer with just one click. The program allows you to group several program installers within a single package you can execute later to get all those programs installed silently on a PC, without requiring your intervention at all.

In my humble opinion, the most important feature of Silent Install Builder is that it allows you to fully automate the installation process of every program you want to include in your package. This is true both for those installers that support command-line options and for those that don't. The program is natively compatible with the installers generated through apps like InstallShield, Inno Setup and Nullsoft Installer, and with Windows Installers (MSI files) too. This means that the program can automatically recognize the type of an installer and add the appropriate command-line options accordingly, so its installation process gets totally automatic.

However, other types of installers can also be included in a Silent Install Builder package, as it allows you to create the so called "automation installation scripts" for them. An automation installation script contains all the actions that need to be taken to complete an installation process, including all the check boxes that need to be checked or unchecked, all the buttons that need to be clicked on (e.g. "Next" or "Finish"), and so on. You don't even need to configure all those actions yourself, as the program can "record" an installation process and create the script for you.

Using Silent Install Builder to create installer packages is really a simple process. You just need to create a new package, provide some basic information for it such as the author's name and a description, and start adding the individual program installers. For each installer, in turn, you need to configure the specific properties and select the automation method - with command-line parameters or through an automation script. If you select the automation script method, the program automatically runs the installer in question and lets you select the controls that need to be selected or clicked on, be them check boxes, buttons or radio buttons. Finally, you can build the package in EXE or MSI formats.

In a nutshell, Silent Install Builder is a very novel tool that will surely save hours to many IT Managers. While common PC users will surely find this tool of no particular use, IT Managers will be very happy with the benefits they get from it. The program may seem a bit expensive at first, but due to the functionality it provides, it's worth each cent.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Helps you get multiple programs installed on a PC with one click
  • Compatible with the most popular installer generators
  • Capable of creating "automatic installation scripts" for your installers


  • Mostly suitable for IT Managers
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