Silent Install Builder

Silent Install Builder 6.0

Automate the process of installing various applications

Silent Install Builder lets you automate the process of installing various applications. This comes very handy especially for IT people whose task is maintaining and administering a group of computers in a given enterprise or school. It is also a valuable tool if you want to create a distribution package containing several software products.

The application supports various types of installers, including lnstallShield, lnno Setup, Nullson Installer (NSIS) and Windows Installer (MSI). It can also generate the necessary command-line parameters automatically. Moreover, in case a given installer does not allow using command-line options, it is possible to record an installation automation script.

Luckily, the application has a nice graphical user interface, and there are even wizards to help you through the different steps of creating a distribution package. It is good news that you can have visual feedback of each of the screens in the installer. Besides, you can edit information about the applications and also type a welcoming message.

All in all, Silent Install Builder is a very useful application that definitely deserves your attention as it facilitates distributing applications as well as installing them in the background without the need of user intervention. Just be aware that it is not intended to create installers, just to build a package with some of them. To tell you the truth, this product does not have many disadvantages, except for some language mistakes in both the developer’s site and the application’s interface.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various types of installers
  • Can generate command-line parameters automatically
  • Records scripts
  • Wizard-like interface


  • Language mistakes
  • High-priced
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